Language Mastery Affiliate Program

Help Spread the Word & Earn Some Extra Cash

Would you like to help spread the word about my language guides on your blog or site and earn some extra cash to boot? Join the Language Mastery affiliate program today and start earning a 50% commission on each and every sale. If you are interested:

  • If you don’t yet have a Gumroad account, set one up for free here:
  • Once you have a Gumroad account, send me a quick email using the contact form below and let me know the email you use for Gumroad and which of my products you wish to promote (e.g. the Complete Digital Edition of Master Japanese).

Affiliate Program Info

  • You will receive 50% of each sale you help generate (less any refunds given).
  • Affiliates will be paid automatically from Gumroad every other Friday.
  • To check your balance, visit your Gumroad Balance Dashboard.

Affiliate Program Rules & Suggestions

  • Write a review of Master Japanese or Master Mandarin, or better yet, write a post about your own experience learning Japanese or Mandarin; this is the most powerful way to get the word out to your circle without coming across as spammy.
  • I maintain the right to terminate any affiliates if I find out they are spamming people via email or social media.

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