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Japanese Conversation Accelerator

Have your first flowing Japanese conversations in just 30 days (without fear of awkward silences, making mistakes, or running out of things to say).

The next Japanese Conversation Accelerator (JCA) cohort starts on April 1, 2024. Registration closes at 11:59 pm Pacific Time on Friday, March 29, 2024. Spots are limited; lock in your spot now so you don't miss your chance to finally start speaking Japanese. 👇🏼









Nick Hawryluk

"I never thought I’d be able to hold this many conversations in Japanese for so long. 😀 Thank you for putting this course together, John Fotheringham! And thank you for the confidence boost!"

―Nick Hawryluk, Video Producer



John Fotheringha
  • John Fotheringham is a linguist, the author of Master Japanese, and the creator of the Anywhere Immersion Method (A.I.M.).

  • He has been learning and teaching languages for over two decades, and has helped thousands of learners around the world.

  • In addition to teaching, John has worked as a translator and interpreter for the Japanese government and presented at multinationals.

  • John believes that anyone can learn any language anywhere if  they do the right things (effective immersion and deliberate practice).

  • His work has been featured on Experience Life MagazineBusiness InsiderFluent in 3 Months, StoryLearningGaijinPot, and more.

  • Fluent in 3 Months
    Fluent in 3 Months
    Fluent in 3 Months
    Fluent in 3 Months


    The 4-week Japanese Conversation Accelerator challenge will train you to:

    Speak Japanese with calm confidence

    Give a polished self-introduction

    Talk about a variety of common topics

    Efficiently memorize new words & grammar

    Master high-frequency vocabulary

    Work with the best Japanese tutors

    Buy yourself time to think

    Stop translating & sound more natural


    20 x Video Lessons with John

    18 x Video Lessons with John

    Learn at your own speed with engaging videos that teach you everything you need to succeed in the Japanese Conversation Accelerator.

    JCA Learner Guides

    5 x Learner Guides

    The 5 print-ready PDF learner guides provide all the tips, tools, instructions, and resources you need to complete the challenges.

    JCA Cheat Sheets

    4 x Conversation Cheat Sheets

    The 4 print-ready PDF cheat sheets provide all the essential vocabulary, phrases, and structures you need to start having real Japanese conversations.

    JCA Zoom Calls

    4 x Live Zoom Calls + Q & A

    Join John live on Zoom each week of the Japanese Conversation Accelerator for additional training and a chance to ask any questions you have.

    JCA Zoom Calls

    Daily Motivation + Reminder Emails

    Each day of the Japanese Conversation Accelerator, you will receive an email with expert study tips, motivational quotes, or important challenge reminders.

    JCA Zoom Calls

    Exclusive Slack Community

    As a member of the Japanese Conversation Accelerator, you get access to an exclusive Slack community where you can ask questions, connect with other JCAers, find resources, etc.


    What is the JCA?

  • A 4-week language challenge designed to strengthen your confidence, fluency, vocabulary, and daily habits.

  • An online course led by a linguist and experienced Japanese learner who has helped thousands of learners get fluent in Japanese. 

  • Group accountability and support to keep you going, with weekly live calls to answer your specific questions.

  • Why did I create the JCA?

  • When I asked my audience their number one challenge in Japanese, almost everyone said "speaking the language."

  • We all know that we have to speak to get better at speaking, but it can be really intimidating skill to practice.

  • The Japanese Conversation Accelerator provides the guidance, support, language, and feedback you need to make speaking practice more fun and effective.

  • What can I expect to accomplish?

  • To be speaking Japanese and and having real conversations.

  • To be armed with conversation-boosting words, phrases, connectors, and structures.

  • To have the confidence and daily habits you need to continue learning.

  • When will I get access to the course and challenges?

  • You get instant access to the Welcome Module when you reserve your spot.

  • The Week 1 Module will be available a few days before the cohort begins.

  • Each subsequent module will be available at the end of each week of the challenge.

  • You will get an announcement email when each new module is available.

  • How does the JCA help learners?

  • The JCA helps you face your fears and increase your courage so you can start directly practicing the most intimidating language skill: speaking.

  • The JCA helps you master the essential words, phrases, connectors, verbal fillers, and structures you need to have flowing conversations.

  • The JCA helps you work with Japanese language tutors so you feel comfortable speaking and can get direct feedback on your Japanese.

  • The JCA provides the accountability and structure you need to practice speaking Japanese consistently and the guidance on how to learn as quickly and efficiently.

  • The JCA helps you develop robust daily learning habits so you start to see progress during the 30-day challenge, and continue making progress afterwards.

  • What's included in the JCA?

  • 18 video lessons with John

  • 5 print-ready PDF Learning Guides

  • 4 print-ready PDF Conversation Cheat Sheets

  • 4 weekly Live Zoom Training calls + Q & A with John

  • 30 daily reminder emails

  • What's NOT included in the JCA?

  • Online tutoring fees for 1-on-1 italki sessions

  • Printing fees for Learning Guides, Cheat Sheets, etc.


    “I have found the Japanese Conversation Accelerator, your cheat sheets, and guidance to be of great help. I love how passionate and seriously excited you are about learning Japanese. I am a Japanese beginner, and quite proud of myself for taking action so early on in my learning process, as speaking has always been a massive problem for me when learning a language."

    Linda Busan

    “This class has been the kick in the butt I needed. Thank you, John! I have been sitting on Duolingo, Drops, and Pimsleur for about a year, with all input and absolutely ZERO output. I am proud to say that thanks to John’s cheat sheets, I got through 15 mins in Japanese with my favorite tutor. Thank you for your encouragement and support. This class was a really positive change for me on so many levels."

    Christine Solnick

    "The Japanese Conversation Accelerator is exactly what I've needed all these years.

    I will finally be able to speak to my Japanese family!”

    Angella O.

    "You’ve really created something special here. This is exactly what I’ve been needing all this time. Thank you so much John for hosting this challenge, and thank you to everyone in this group for your encouragement and holding me accountable. It's truly been a great experience.”

    Dennis Van Hise


    JCA Course on MacBook Pro

    4-Week Challenge & Course


  • 18 x Video Lessons with John

  • 5 x PDF Learning Guides

  • 4 x PDF Conversation Cheat Sheets

  • 4 x Live Zoom Calls + Q & A with John

  • Daily Motivation + Reminder Emails

  • Exclusive Slack Community