The 7-Step Roadmap to Japanese Fluency

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What to Expect

This 7-day course is divided into two main parts:

  • Part 1: Attitude, Psychology & Strategy
  • Part 2: Tactics, Methods & Resources

Part 1: Attitude, Psychology & Strategy

Before we get to designing your external language learning environment, we first need to do some work designing our internal environment. Without the right attitude and psychology, we will fail in our language learning endeavors before we even begin. There are three key steps to getting our heads right, which will each be covered in the first three days of the course:

  • Day 1: Define Your “WHY”
  • Day 2: Create “SMART” Goals
  • Day 3: Focus on Daily Systems & Habits

Part 2: Tactics, Methods & Resources

You will then learn the specific tactics, methods, and resources I recommend for creating an effective language immersion environment and making consistent progress toward fluency day in and day out.

  • Day 4: Maximize Interesting Japanese Input
  • Day 5: Maximize Meaningful Japanese Output
  • Day 6: Maximize Meaningful Repetition
  • Day 7: Track Your Progress

Tips for Success

  • Schedule a time to read each email the day it arrives. Though you can read and complete each day of the course whenever you want, I highly recommend opening, reading, and acting upon each email the day it arrives. This helps you avoid procrastination, putting things off for a more “ideal” time (perfection almost always leads to inaction), and getting too behind (when a few days of unopened emails pile up, it can be tempting to just quit).
  • Take action each day. Each day of the course includes important action steps that help you apply that day’s lessons and make concrete progress towards fluency. We endeavor to share inspiration and valuable information in each email, but knowledge means nothing if not acted upon. As the author Chris Guillebeau puts it, “Inspiration is good, but inspiration plus action is so much better.”
  • Set realistic expectations. Will you be fluent in Japanese after 7 days? Of course not. But if you take action and complete each day’s task, you will have created the systems, habits, and ideal environment for fluency to naturally grow over time. After you complete the course, it’s then up to you to continue planting seeds, watering your linguistic crops, and pulling out the weeds. Your brain will do the rest of the heavy lifting all on its own.

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