Struggling to reach your fluency goals in Japanese? Frustrated with boring Japanese textbooks? You’re not alone. Most people never reach fluency in a foreign language, especially one as different from English as Japanese. But you’re not the problem. Your method is. Textbooks simply don’t work for most people. And they’re boring as hell! Hi, I’m John Fotheringham, a linguist, teacher, and author, and I’ve spent 20 years developing a guaranteed method to help you master the Japanese language―anywhere.

In my free 7-day email course, The 7-Step Roadmap to Japanese Fluency, you’ll learn how to create a highly effective immersion environment anywhere in the world. In just one week, you’ll create an immersive Japanese environment almost as good as being in Tokyo―even if you’re in Topeka. Enter your email below to start your path to Japanese fluency today.

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