Disregard everything I have written or said since beginning this blog and the Language Mastery podcast. Ignore every single one of the 150,000+ words in my Master Japanese guide.

Trying to maximize fun in language learning is only for lazy learners. Using free web tools like Skype, podcasts, and YouTube to practice foreign languages is only a fad. Using modern crowd-sourced tutoring services like Lang-8, RhinoSpike, and LingQ are terrible because only those with a PhD are qualified to identify errors in your speaking or writing.

Sorry folks, but the only way to learn a language is attending expensive classes, taking standardized tests, studying complex grammar rules, and memorizing long lists of out-of-context vocabulary. Real language learners know that the process must be painful, tedious, expensive, and time consuming to be legitimate.

Oh, I almost forgot. April Fools!

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