Shannon Kennedy is a language lover, traveler, musician, and writer. She has written extensively for Fluent in 3 Months and Drops, and is also the Language Encourager and Community Manager for the Add1Challenge. In 2018, she co-hosted the inaugural Women in Language event, an online conference to champion, celebrate, and amplify the voices of women in languages.
  • Why majoring in music led Shannon to start learning German, Italian, and Spanish, and apply the French she’d already learned.
  • What sparked her interest in Croatian.
  • How her self-study methods differ from how she had learned languages in school.
  • The critical difference between “studying” a language and “acquiring” a language.
  • How Shannon got involved with Drops, why she uses the app, and how she surprised the company’s Hungarian founders with the Hungarian language skills she developed using the app.
  • Why learning is short, frequent chunks of time is more effective than longer study sessions.
  • An ideal day of language learning for Shannon.
  • A standard day of language learning and how she fits language study around work, motherhood, and other duties. 
  • A “minimum viable day” of language learning she sticks to no matter what.
  • How Shannon chooses tutors and gets the most out of each session.
  • How she creates flashcards for new words, phrases, and structures that come up in her tutoring sessions.
  • The importance of including audio in flashcards.
  • Why Shannon participates in the Add1Challenge.
  • Why kids don’t learn languages better than adults.
  • Why discipline is more important than motivation when learning any skill.

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