Do you live and breath languages? Do you want to make a good living using and refining your language skills every day? Then professional translation might be just the ticket. In today’s episode, I chat with my friend Sam, who is a professional Japanese translator and one of the best non-native Japanese speakers I know. We talk about how he learned Japanese, how he broke into the translation industry, and his tips for doing the same.

Concepts & Resources Mentioned

Japanese Terms Mentioned

  • chan (ちゃん) = familiar or childish title affixed to names
  • kun (君) = familiar or childish title affixed to younger male names
  • senpai (先輩) = senior classmate, older generation, elder
  • otaku (オタク) = anime or manga fan; (derogatory) geek, nerd
  • keigo (敬語) = respectful or honorific language
  • teineigo (丁寧語) = polite language
  • sonkeigo (尊敬語) = exalted or honorary language

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