Sprachheld (“Language Hero”) Founder Gabriel Gelman on How to Be an Efficient, Effective Language Learner

Aug 23, 2019

Gabriel Gelman is the founder of Sprachheld ("Language Hero"), a popular language learning website for Germans learning foreign languages (and―as an added bonus―non-Germans learning German as a foreign language).

On the site, Gabriel shares useful language learning tips and tools, inspirational interviews with polyglots and linguists, and a dialogue-based Spanish course (with other languages slated for production in the future).

I’ve followed his work for some time and was delighted to finally meet him in person at the 2019 Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava.

“Whenever you’re learning or whenever you’re spending time on learning that language, ask yourself, are you doing one of those four core activities: are you listening, speaking, writing, or reading? And if that’s not the core of everything that you do, then you’re doing it wrong. Or not right.” —Gabriel Gelman