If you will visiting or moving to China, you would do yourself—and those you meet—a big favor by memorizing the ten tips in this infographic from Learn Mandarin Now:

  1. Learn at least a little Mandarin.
  2. Avoid fake taxis.
  3. Prepare yourself to use squatty potties.
  4. Avoid taboo topics: politics, Tibet, Taiwan, human rights, and Internet censorship.
  5. Learn to bargain (the national sport!)
  6. Cash is king.
  7. Don’t refer to elderly individuals by their name.
  8. Never stick chopsticks in your rice bowl.
  9. The number 4 is bad luck.
  10. Avoid bad luck gifts like clocks, white wrapping, and green hats.

Read on to learn more about each.

Learning Mandarin Chinese − 10 Cultural DOs and DON'Ts

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