Lindie Botes is a polyglot, YouTuber, blogger, and UI/UX designer on a mission to master 12+ languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and more. She is originally from South Africa, but has lived all over the world and now calls Singapore home. Though she loves foreign languages, she sees them not as an end but as a means to break down the barriers that otherwise divide us.

Topics Discussed

  • Lindie’s polyglot origin story.
  • The crossovers between Korean and Japanese and the power of “language stacking.”
  • Lindie’s Japanese learning habits, routines, methods, and materials.
  • The importance of following your personal interests.
  • How Lindie learns kanji in context.
  • How to immerse yourself in Japanese right at home.
  • How Lindie integrates Japanese learning into her day.
  • How to build (and stick to!) effective learning habits.
  • Lindie’s tips for getting the most out of online language tutoring.
  • The advantages of personalized immersion learning over classroom learning.
  • What Lindie does differently now when learning new languages.
  • Funny language mistakes Lindie has made or witnessed.
  • Lindie’s tips for beginning language learners.

Concepts, People, Resources & Terms Mentioned

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