This is part two of my special two-way interview with Danish podcaster Kris Broholm, host of the Actual Fluency Podcast. We talk about how learning languages and connecting with the polyglot community gave his life purpose, launched a new career, and has allowed him to meet and learn from hundreds of the world’s best language learners. Kris also shares expert tips on how to launch and scale a language business. I really enjoyed our wide-ranging conversation, which Kris jokes was, “…a bit like Inside the Actor’s Studio, except about languages instead of acting. And lacking James Lipton…”

Listen to Part 1 here.

Topics Discussed ― Part 2

  • The importance of joining a tribe of likeminded language learners.
  • How attending language events helps “normalize” an otherwise unusual, isolating hobby.
  • Why language learning is an exercise in “delayed gratification” and “connecting the dots backwards.”
  • How language learning can lead to a fulfilling life, a successful business, a new job, or even one’s soulmate!
  • How to high-level video gaming can potentially lead to fluency in a language and millions of dollars!
  • Why languages are about so much more than communication.
  • Why Kris and I see ourselves as messengers who can highlight the world’s best language learners.
  • The danger of learning languages merely to add more “trophies” to the shelf.
  • Why you shouldn’t compare yourself with others.
  • Why anyone―regardless of how many languages they speak―should consider attending a polyglot events.
  • How multilingualism helps you appreciate and interact with people in a new way.
  • Why it’s easier than ever to launch a new career in the multi-billion-dollar language industry.

“You don’t need permission and you don’t need to wait to be chosen.”

  • Why you shouldn’t put too much pressure on your passion projects to pay the bills right away.
  • Kris’ tips for starting a low-risk, high-reward language business.
  • The power of making your goals public (e.g. announcing the release date of a new book).
  • Why consistency is “maximum adulting” and why “compound interest” is the key to learning a language, launching a business, getting in shape, reaching financial independence, etc.
  • How language learning (as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) helped pull Kris and I out of severe depression. (Disclaimer: Neither of us are licensed medical professionals. Nothing in this episode should be construed as medical advice.)
  • The modern mismatch between what our genes expect and what we actually encounter in our environment.

“All the things that used to be survival advantages are now disadvantages… To succeed in the modern world, you almost have to go against our genetic programming. “

  • The joy of following a self-guided approach to language learning, business, and beyond.

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