If you are learning Mandarin Chinese, check out this video interview Olly Richards from I Will Teach You a Language recorded with me. Olly is a great interviewer and even went to the trouble of getting a complete transcript made of the interview (available for free on his site here).

  • My journey to learn Mandarin Chinese.
  • The ways in which Mandarin is actually an easy language.
  • How to learn Chinese characters the way Will Smith would.
  • How to best learn tones.
  • The myth that you need to move to China or Taiwan to learn Mandarin.
  • Differences between the Mandarin spoken in Mainland China and Taiwan.
  • The importance of chéngyǔ (成語, “idioms”), which are usually 4 characters in Chinese.
  • My top 3 resources for learning Mandarin Chinese.
  • More about what my Master Mandarin guide is and how it can help beginning and intermediate learners.

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