Enough. Enough. Enough.

This word should be your mantra when learning a language. When you find yourself procrastinating, making excuses, and putting off speaking practice out of fear, this string of six letters can help put you back on track:

  • I have enough time. I just need to prioritize language learning and use hidden moments through the day.
  • I have enough materials. My problem is probably not a lack of resources but a lack of courage.
  • I know enough words to start speaking. Even if I stall a few seconds later, I can use hand gestures, context, and phrase books to keep the conversation going. No matter your level, start communicating with native speakers now. If you don’t live near any native speakers, get a tutor on iTalki.

It’s time to stop procrastinating, stop finding excuses, and start learning. You have enough. You are enough!

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