Claude Cartaginese is one of the kindest guys you will meet in the language learning blogosphere, and I really appreciate all he has done to encourage language learners, gather advice from the world’s best learners, and share his infectious enthusiasm for language learning. In 2010, he released a monumental e-book called the The Polyglot Project, a free PDF which brought together tips and advice from 43 polyglots, hyper-polyglots, linguists, YouTubers, and language lovers, including:

In the interview (recorded in 2010 as part of my Master Japanese expert interview series), we discuss:

  • The mistakes he made when starting out in Japanese and what he would differently if he started over again.
  • Why you should focus on one language skill at a time.
  • Why you should start with listening and speaking before reading and writing.
  • Why it’s crucial to choose methods and materials that support your unique learning goals.
  • When Japanese learners should start learning kanji.
  • Why “mastery” and “perfection” are not the same thing.
  • Barry Farber on how we “marry” some languages and simply “date” others and why “expertise is a narcotic.”
  • The power of modern asynchronous learning.
  • The challenge of “resource overwhelm.”
  • Why language study should not be required in school.
  • Claude’s language learning habits and routines.
  • Why languages are not “difficult,” just “different.”
  • The similarities between learning a language and learning a martial art.
  • How the ego gets in the way of learning a language.

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