The 2 Magical Ingredients of Japanese Fluency

There are just 2 essential ingredients you need to bake a deliciously fluent Japanese cake: exposure and practice. And there’s a magical approach you can use to get both right where you are...

May 24, 2023

10 Great Japanese Films to Get Immersion On Your Couch!

Movies are a powerful way to immerse yourself in Japanese from afar, giving you valuable cultural and linguistic exposure from the comfort of your couch. Here are my top 10 favorite Japanese films.

Dec 16, 2019

The Top 10 Tools for Learning Japanese Through Online Videos

TV shows and movies are excellent ways to immerse yourself in Japanese anywhere in the world. Here are my top 10 favorite tools for learning Japanese through online videos.

Dec 17, 2019

How to Get Fluent in Japanese Using iTalki

Want to master Japanese but don't live in Japan? Don't have any Japanese friends to practice with? No problem. You can get all the speaking practice you need right at home using the site italki!

Jan 21, 2020

How to Immerse Yourself in Japanese Anywhere in the World

Once upon a time, there were only 2 ways to get fluent in Japanese: 1) take Japanese language classes, or 2) move to Japan. Today, you can master Japanese right at home using “anywhere immersion.”

Jan 22, 2020

Review of Skritter: The "Write" Way to Master Chinese Characters & Japanese Kanji

Skritter is an innovative app that helps you master the writing, meaning, and pronunciation of Chinese characters and Japanese kanji through spaced repetition and active recall.

Nov 16, 2020

How to improve your listening, reading & spelling skills with Clozemaster

Instead of trying to teach you words in isolation like most apps, Clozemaster teaches you vocabulary in context through mass exposure to complete sentences. Here’s how to get the most out of the app.

Jul 12, 2021

Drops App Review: Does Drops Work? Will it Get You Fluent in a Language?

From its beginning as a lean, bootstrapped startup to its recent $50 million acquisition, Drops has a seriously impressive origin story. But does the app actually work? Will it help you get fluent?

Feb 16, 2022

Should You Use Subtitles When Watching Japanese Anime, Shows & Films?

The short answer? It depends. It depends on your goals. It depends on your level. And it depends on how much time and discipline you are willing to invest.

Mar 02, 2022

Review of Learn Dozens of Languages Using Authentic Content You Choose

LingQ is a website and app created by hyperpolyglot Steve Kaufmann that allows you to learn dozens of languages using authentic content. Choose from the LingQ library or import your own resources.

Apr 05, 2009

How to Immerse Yourself in Japanese Using Netflix

Instead of “Netflix and chill,” why not try “Netflix and learn?” In this post, I show you how to immerse yourself in Japanese right at home using TV shows and movies.

Jan 31, 2020

Why Duolingo Won’t Get You Fluent (But Why You Should Use it Anyway)

Should you use Duolingo? And will the the app get you fluent in a language? Read on to see the opinion of a linguist who has tested the app for hundreds of hours...

Jan 20, 2020