The long wait is over. After many months of hard work, late nights, and early mornings, I have finally finished the second edition of my Master Mandarin guide.

What’s New?

  • A new 300-page PDF version of the guide (nearly twice the length of v 1).
  • An EPUB version for use on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other EPUB readers.
  • A MOBI version for use on your Kindle or in any of the Kindle apps (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • A new Chinese 101 chapter that covers the most important elements of how the Mandarin language works.
  • Tons and tons of new tools and online resources.
  • New discount codes for iTalki, Chinese Learn Online, and WaiChinese.
  • New expert interviews with Benny Lewis from Fluent in 3 Months, Olly Richards from I Will Teach You a Language, Jake Gill from Skritter, Vladimir Skultety from Forever a Student, Chris Parker from Fluent in Mandarin, Ash Henson from Outlier Linguistics, and Adam Menon from Chinese Learn Online.
  • New cheat sheets including: 1) The Most Common 500 Words in Mandarin, 2) complete lists for Remembering Traditional Hanzi and Remembering Simplified Hanzi, 3) a Hanyu Pinyin chart, 4) a Time Adverb chart, 5) a SMART Goals work sheet, and 6) a weekly study plan.
Master Mandarin | Complete Package

Master Mandarin is NOT a Textbook

In a nutshell, Master Mandarin is detailed resource guide and how-to manual for independent learners. It isn’t focused on grammar like most other language-learning resources, though it does have grammar in it. It gives you something more valuable: teaching you HOW to learn Mandarin, and making that process more fun, effective, and efficient. It gives you more resources than you could possibly use in a lifetime, so you can pick exactly the ones that you like the most, and dive headfirst into actually learning the language instead of wasting precious time looking for resources or figuring out what to do. In addition to learning how to learn, learning the best methods and tools, and learning how Mandarin works, you’ll also learn about culture and history, names and places – and yes, a little grammar, too. But it’s all packaged in a way that is FUN and EFFECTIVE, so you’ll see progress and be motivated to keep learning.


Spend Your Time Learning, Not Searching for Resources

Your time is worth money. You can dig for resources yourself, but that takes time, and organizing all those resources and knowing which ones to tackle first or which are worth your time can be overwhelming. Furthermore, your motivation can wane while you’re spending so much time hunting for the right learning tools. Master Mandarin will save you so many hours of work. It’s all in a logical package, organized in a way so that you can hit the ground running right away.

Learn Mandarin the Fun Way


MM Cover | 3D | CroppedYou don’t need to spend thousands on classes. You don’t need boring textbooks. You don’t need to be good at languages. And you don’t have to move to China or Taiwan (though that’s great if you can). What you need are the right tools, “S.M.A.R.T.” goals, adult-friendly methods, and fun materials suited to your interests that will help you internalize the language naturally, understand what you hear, and speak with speed and confidence. This is precisely what Master Mandarin provides.


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