I am very excited to announce that the first print version of my book Master Japanese will be available on Amazon on Monday, October 28, 2019!

I first published the guide in digital format in December 2010, and have released eight major updates since that time (you can get the latest digital edition here). Though many readers have appreciated the free lifetime updates and the convenience of reading the book on their Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop, etc., some have expressed the desire to get a physical version of the book, too. I totally get it! There is just something about holding a book in one’s hands, flipping through pages, writing in the margins, etc. that changes the reading experience. Sometimes atoms are just more fun than electrons…

So at long last, I bit the bullet and started the process of publishing a print version. In addition to the book, I am organizing some exciting reader-only bonuses, too. Stay tuned!


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