Have a flowing 15-minute Japanese conversation in just 30 days

(without fear of awkward silences, making mistakes, or running out of things to say)

If you’re an independent language learner wanting to reach conversational fluency in Japanese, you already know that you need to practice speaking. A lot!

You also know that no amount of formal textbook study, reading, or Duolingo will get you ready to have real conversations.

After all, we get better at what we practice, so we can’t improve our speaking skills without actually speaking…

But getting enough Japanese speaking practice isn’t easy!

Knowing you need to practice speaking and actually getting the practice are two very different things!

Most Japanese language learners face three primary challenges. Can you nod “yes” to most of these?

  • Speaking can be really scary!
  • Finding native speakers to practice with can be tough!
  • Staying consistent and motivated without accountability can be a real challenge.

This is precisely why I designed the Japanese Conversation Academy (JCA), a live training course to give you the courage, strategies, language, consistency, and accountability you need to start having flowing conversations in just 1 month.

Hi, I’m John Fotheringham, a linguist, teacher, and the author of Master Japanese.

Like many Japanese learners, I really struggled with the language when I started out. But I eventually learned that textbooks and formal study simply don’t work for most learners.

I instead figured out how to teach myself Japanese using fun, effective, modern methods, and have now helped thousands of independent learners do the same.

How this challenge will transform your speaking skills

The Japanese Conversation Academy will:


Significantly increase your courage to speak so you can communicate with locals, deepen friendships, and engage with Japanese culture.

Having flowing conversations is more about confidence than language. You don’t need a lot of words to have basic conversations; you just need the confidence to use whichever words you already know and the creativity to talk around those you don’t.

Help you master high-frequency words that account for the vast majority of conversations so you can more easily travel or live in Japan.

The most common 100 words in Japanese account for nearly HALF of the language used by the average speaker each day. Master these (plus a handful of additional specific terms to describe your unique life, interests, work, etc.) and you will be able to have basic yet meaningful conversations.


Teach you conversation connectors & verbal fillers to buy time so you can have smoother interactions with friends, family, or coworkers.

In the inevitable cases you aren’t sure what word to use or are still parsing what someone just said, you can use powerful set phrases and fillers to keep the conversation alive, buy yourself time, and put both of you at ease.

Help you find the right online Japanese tutor so you are excited to practice and put in the time each week.

Finding a good tutor can be a bit like finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. You have to go through quite a few folks until you find a good match. As part of the Academy, you will work with at least five tutors, one of which you’ll likely click with and can continue working with each week after the challenge.

It is no exaggeration to say that I consider John’s language-learning recommendations EVERY SINGLE DAY. John directed me to specific practices most directly related to my goals and level… the very practices I’d been subconsciously avoiding, preferring to stay in my comfort zone. John’s advice struck home, and following it has generated the biggest improvement in my learning process.

Michèle Drivon

Lisbon, Portugal

What’s Included in the Japanese Conversation Academy?

The Japanese Conversation Academy is a live 4-week online group challenge. You will receive:

Weekly 1-hour training sessions + Q & A

I will give you live, face-to-face training on Zoom each week on Tuesdays at 1 pm Pacific Time, followed by time to ask any questions you have so you never feel stuck or unsure how to rock that week’s challenge. And on the last Wednesday, we will celebrate completion of the challenge and talk through strategies to keep your momentum going.

(Note: The trainings will be recorded in case you want to review or can’t attend live.)

Weekly mini-challenges adjusted for level

Jumping right into a 15-minute conversation with a native speaker can be overwhelming, so I am going to gradually build up your confidence through four mini-challenges over the course of the Japanese Conversation Academy.

I will coach you through selecting the right tutors, mastering your self-introduction so you can hit the ground running, and learning the high-frequency words, phrases, and conversation connectors you need to start and sustain conversations.

Course library

Each week you will receive a beautiful, concise summary of the week’s mini-challenge, step-by-step instructions, and links to recommended tools and resources.


Weekly speaking cheat sheets

You will receive useful cheat sheets with essential, high-frequency words, phrases, questions, and verbal fillers to keep your Japanese conversations going.


Get even more accountability by joining dozens of your fellow Japanese learners in an exclusive community just for Japanese Conversation Academy learners.

Join the Japanese Conversation Academy for just $2/Day

You get all of this for just $67 USD.

Live training courses like this often cost hundreds of dollars, but I intentionally priced the Japanese Conversation Academy far below what it’s worth so that I could directly help as many learners as possible to reach their goals, especially during these difficult times.

But you need to act fast to claim this offer: the Japanese Conversation Academy starts on October 1, 2020 and you only have until 11 pm Pacific Time on September 30, 2020 to sign up.

Registration for the Japanese Conversation Accademy will open soon.

John is really helpful! He infused my Japanese learning journey with lots of energy and gave me a sense of direction.

Josiane Roulez

Montreal, Canada

What People Asked Before Signing Up for the Japanese Conversation Academy

How much time will this take each day? I’m already busy.

Don’t worry; it’s not going to take a giant chunk out of your day. Having said that, usually time is a matter of prioritization. How important is it to you to actually speak Japanese? The people who are signing up to do the Japanese Conversation Academy are READY to make real, tangible progress. Obviously, the more time you spend practicing Japanese each day, the faster you will improve. But I’ve designed the mini-challenges to give you quick wins with minimal hours a week. Can you find at least 30 minutes a day to devote to this?

Couldn’t I just work with tutors directly, if that’s what you’re saying really matters?

It’s true, you could. But you won’t be successful just by knowing what to do. It’s actually doing it that matters. This is where my guidance, the group accountability, and the structure of the 4-week challenge comes in: you’ll bridge that gap between knowledge and action and start finally making noticeable progress.

If I were to venture a guess, I’d say you already know WHAT you need to do, but that actually doing itand doing it consistentlyis where you’re having some trouble. That’s where the Japanese Conversation Academy comes in: it’s an implementation tool designed to “get you moving and keep you moving,” as it were, and starting to meet with a variety of tutors, get the most out of your time and money, and enjoy your conversations more.

What Japanese level is this for? If I am just a beginner, don’t I need to learn more before I start speaking?

The Japanese Conversation Academy is designed for any Japanese learner, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been learning Japanese for years. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you CAN start speaking. I’ll show you how to modify your approach depending on your current level. The goal is keeping your practice just hard enough that you’re getting stretched a bit outside your comfort zone but still giving you some quick wins.

So is this a course that is going to teach me Japanese? If I am just a beginner, don’t I need to learn more before I start speaking?

Rather than a course that teaches you about Japanese (which is a bit like learning to play soccer by reading a textbook), this is an implementation program designed to get you actually “out on the field” and learning by doing. This approach is far more effective than studying grammar in a book, and it’s a heck of a lot more rewarding.

I already have so many Japanese resources and courses. Why should I sign up for this one too?

In today’s world, most of us are already swimming in books, apps, and audio programs. These resources are usually great at helping you get better at reading, writing, and listening. But with the Japanese Conversation Academy, you’re just focusing on arguably the most important (AND most often neglected and procrastinated!) aspect of language learning: improving your speaking through regular conversations with native speaker tutors.

I’ve tried the tutoring thing before, and it wasn’t a great experience. It was embarrassing, frustrating, awkward, and I didn’t really click with the tutor.

Finding the right tutor is a little bit like dating―you’re unlikely to find Mr. or Ms. Right the first time around. It takes a few tries with different tutors until you find one you’re going to really click with. That’s why I specifically designed the Japanese Conversation Academy so that you’ll know how to choose good candidates to try and then testing the waters with multiple tutors so that you will hopefully walk away with at least one you want to keep meeting with.

I’ll also give you tips for how to communicate your Japanese goals, level, and preferred learning style to your tutor so they can tailor their approach to fit you and keep the conversation squarely in your “Goldilocks zone”not too hard, not too easy, but juuuuuuust right.

What if I can’t attend the live training? Will the calls be recorded?

Each Wednesday of July 2020, we will meet live at 12 pm (noon) Pacific Time on Zoom for training and Q & A.

I will record all the calls and send a download link after we meet each week, but I strongly encourage you to prioritize this in your schedule and try to make each call if possible. The people who show up live will get the most out of the Academy, especially because you’ll be able to get real-time answers to your questions―something I usually only provide for my one-on-one coaching clients!

That said, you will get everything you need to complete the challenge by watching the recording and downloading the PDFs I send each week.

Can you remind me what I get as part of the Japanese Conversation Academy?

Here’s a reminder of everything you’re getting when you sign up today:

  • Weekly live Zoom training calls + Q & A
  • Weekly mini-challenges
  • Weekly Japanese Speaking Cheat Sheets
  • Access to a private community of learners.
  • Forums to ask questions, share resources, and connect with other learners.
  • The support and friendship of a group of other Japanese learners

If you are ready to transform your Japanese speaking, now is the time to take action. The Japanese Conversation Academy starts on October 1, 2020 and registration closes on September 30 at 11 pm Pacific.

I am so excited to see you start supercharging your Japanese fluency!








Registration for the Japanese Conversation Academy will open soon.

I now work in the sales department of a Japanese company. The only reason why I got the job was because they were very impressed by my Japanese level for someone who recently started learning the language. It’s all thanks to John’s tip about taking tutoring lessons. I have been taking iTalki lessons 4 times a week and that has really helped me a lot. Thank you for your great work and kindness.


Oakland, California

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