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I teach independent learners how to master any language, anywhere.

You don't have to get on an airplane or move abroad to immerse yourself in a foreign language.

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Build Your 3 Foundations of Mastery

Learning a language through immersion is far more fun and effective than traditional textbook-based learning. But immersion isn't automatic osmosis. You first have to do some groundwork to optimize your mind, schedule, and environment.

Master Your Mind

Learn how to conquer the fears and self-limiting beliefs holding you back from fluency.

Master Your Day

Learn how to build better habits, study more efficiently, and fit languages into your life.

Master Your Environment

Learn how to create your own personalized immersion right where you are.

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New to Language Mastery? First time learning a foreign language? Get the essential tips, resources, and motivation you need to learn your next foreign language right where you are.

 My "Anywhere Immersion" Guides

My detailed guides show you exactly how to build a personalized immersion environment with fun content you love. (And without the hassle of moving abroad, enduring expensive classes, or slogging through boring textbooks.)


You don’t need a plane ticket, new zip code, or classroom to immerse yourself in Japanese. With the right methods, materials, and attitude, you can reach a high level of fluency right at home. Master Japanese shows you how to create an immersion environment almost as good as being in Tokyo, even if you’re in Tacoma or Topeka.


Want to get fluent in Mandarin Chinese but can't move to China? Learn how to bring China to you using online the best modern tools, free online resources, and fun content that will make you forget you are studying a language. My step-by-step guide shows you exactly how to learn Mandarin through immersion, right where you are.

What Language Mastery Fans Are Saying

Master Japanese is the most helpful book I’ve found in my two+ year effort to learn Japanese.

John provides learners with helpful strategies to approach the learning process, which can be overwhelming unless you can figure out how to make sustainable progress continuously.”

Carolyn Strong

Retired technical writer

“John’s Master Mandarin is the only book I’ve seen that covers absolutely everything from start to finish in terms of must-knows.

The best detailed guide for anyone who’s serious about learning Chinese!”

Benny Lewis

Fluent in 3 Months

"The Language Mastery Show is the real deal!

John is a true language aficionado. Knowledgeable, motivating, entertaining… he hunts out the best guests and does awesome interviews which are inspiring for aspiring language learners.

Great stuff!"

Olly Richards


About Me

Howdy, I’m John Fotheringham, a linguist, teacher, podcaster, and the author of Master Japanese and Master Mandarin.

Like most language learners, I really struggled to learn through formal classes. But once I realized that I could learn faster and have more fun by creating my own immersion environment, my progress took off.

I now teach others how to learn through the same immersion-based approach, no matter where in the world you are.

I’ve been learning and teaching languages for over two decades, including studying Linguistics at Western Washington University, teaching adults in the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan, presenting at multinational companies, working as a translator and interpreter for the Japanese government, and now blogging, podcasting, and publishing books on independent language learning.



I have been learning and teaching languages for over two decades, and share everything I've learned along the way:

Get inspired and learn proven strategies to get fluent anywhere in the world.


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You pay the same price you would otherwise, while helping support me and my ability to continue writing, researching, and sharing free articles, podcasts, etc.

I only recommend resources that I believe in and have personally tested.


You don't have to get on an airplane or move abroad to immerse yourself in a foreign language. Join my FREE weekly newsletter to get the tips and tools you need to get fluent anywhere in the world.